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Wooden Doll TRUNKS

Accepting Orders For AFTER Christmas Delivery

All Wood Construction (Engineered Plywood & White Pine)
Strong Lightweight Construction
Unique '2-Way Clothes Bar(s) for Display & Storage
Room For Doll Storage
Hand Painted Gloss Washable Enamel Paint
Personalization Available
Additional Functional & Aesthetic Options
Ships in Plain Brown Box
All Trunks are Compatible with the Standard 7" Doll Clothes Hangers

To Place An Order Call Us: (484)-842-1024 or
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1-Drawer Doll Trunk (American Girl Size) $64.95 - $99.95 + S&H
The 1-Drawer Trunk is Ideal for Storing Clothes and Doll(s)
AG Trunk Weight: avg. 8 lbs
CLICK To Order 1-Drawer 15" TRUNK
CLICK To Order 1-Drawer 21" TRUNK (AMERICAN GIRL Size)
CLICK To Order 1-Drawer 25" TRUNK
CLICK To Order 21" Storage TRUNK
2-Drawer Doll Trunk (American Girl Size) MOST POPULAR
$79.95 - $109.95 + S&H

The 2-Drawer Will Store More Clothes, but can also Store 1 or 2 Dolls.
Drawers are Nice for Shoes and other Accessories
AG Trunk Weight: avg. 9 lbs
CLICK To Order 2-Drawer 21" TRUNK (AMERICAN GIRL Size)
CLICK To Order 2-Drawer 25" TRUNK
CLICK To Order 21" Storage TRUNK
4-Drawer Doll Trunk (American Girl Size) $84.95 - $119.95 + S&H

The 4-Drawer Trunk is Versatile. It Can Stand Upright (Handle on Top)
OPEN For Displaying Clothes or Closed (using 2-Way Clothes Bar) for Storage
Also Ideal for Carrying To A Friend's House
We Think of These as an Armoire that can Travel
AG Trunk Weight: avg. 10 lbs
CLICK To Order 4-Drawer 21" TRUNK (AMERICAN GIRL Size)
CLICK To Order 4-Drawer 25" TRUNK

CLICK To Order 21" Storage TRUNK

Quilt/Pillow Sets $9.95
Free Shipping

4-Drawer Trunk (Case) 4-Drawer Trunk (Case)
One Bar for Hanging Clothes for
Display when Trunk (Case) is standing open
The other Bar perpendicular to the first for Hanging
your Doll's Clothes when the Trunk (Case) is Closed


[11/20/14] Dear Ed and Linda, We received our grand daughter's armoire today and I have to tell you that we couldn't be more pleased. Naturally we had to open and see - which I must say was akin to breaking into Fort Knox! You sure do package for security, and it works as everything arrived in perfect condition. You obviously take pride in your work, and I thought an extra pat on the back would be appreciated. So thank you again for making this perfect Christmas gift. Norma

[11/21/14] Dear Ed, I just wanted to let you know my truck arrive in perfect condition and I am overwhelmed at the attention to detail you put into this trunk. I am thrilled with it and know that one young lady will be very surprised and grateful to find this under her tree. She takes very good care of her toys and dolls and I can assure you that this will be a beloved treasure. I can even imagine this being saved for her child one day. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving, Linda

[9/27/14]Ed and linda, I ordered 2 trunks a few days ago for 2 of my granddaughters, they came today packed with the utmost care. I am extremely happy with your craftsmanship and I'm sure the girls will enjoy them for years to come. Thank you again for the quality work and I wish you much luck with your business. Sincerely Doris

[8/1/14] Ed, I was so disappointed with the quality of the American Girl doll trunks that I began to web search other options. I just received the trunk I ordered from you. I could not be more pleased. Thank you for making such a quality product. I know my granddaughter will treasure it. I enjoyed selecting colors and some of the "extras", truly making it a personalized gift from me to her. Shipping was quick and without incident, too. It's the best online shopping experience I've had. Thank you again.

[7/17/14] Thank you so much for the great service and wonderful product! The trunk arrived in plenty of time and everyone loved it! I sincerely appreciate your help with the selection when I called. It's no wonder you are getting so many orders!!
Regards, joanne

[3/7/14] Dear Ed, All three trunks are here, packaged to perfection! All are three in wonderful condition. WOW! I mean, WOW! Each one of these trunks are prettier than the next. I cannot rave enough about the quality. Right down to the beautiful details like the stenciling and personalized names. You have really outdone yourself! The custom trunk you made for me will be so functional. I was not expecting the ribbon to match perfectly. I appreciate all the work that you put into these and can't wait to see the other two colored trunks I ordered next week. These are so beautiful, I will be ordering more. Many, many thank yous. Have a great weekend! Sincerely, Karen

Ed, Just wanted to tell you my granddaughter was all smiles when she opened up the box with the 2-drawer doll trunk you made. My daughter sent me photos of it and it's just beautiful... everything is as well crafted as shown in your ad. Thank you for such prompt service and dedication. Sincerely, Barbara

Hello Ed and Linda, I was very excited when my order arrived today and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. The American Girl doll trunk is beautiful and so well made. I'm glad I found your website while searching for doll storage trunks online. My grandaughter will just be getting her first doll for her birthday next month. I know she will love this trunk and use it for many years to come. Thank you for making an excellent product. Sincerely, Carolyn

Dear Ed, I want to thank you for your very kind service. Both doll trunks [1-Drawer 21"] arrived today and they are perfect. They are even more beautiful than the pictures! I couldn't be more pleased with them. They are such a fine quality for what one finds in today's world. My 1960's Chatty Cathy doll fits perfectly with even a bit of room to spare atop her head. Here body fits into it nicely and it is as if the trunk were made especially for this doll! I can not believe it! I wanted to let you know how thankful I am to you. I am planning to order more from you in the near future. Karen

Good Morning, I ordered one of your doll trunks for my granddaughter, Emelia last August. It was so awesome & she loved it. Now, I'm ordering one for her sister, Alexandria. Thank you so much for making such a great trunk. Victoria

Hello Ed and Linda, I received the doll trunk and it is absolutely beautiful. I wanted to say thank you.
Sincerely, Nancy

Dear Mr. Brugel, My trunk arrived today. It is beautiful. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Your work is incredible. Thank you so much. Patricia

Hello Ed and Linda, The trunk arrived yesterday and we love it! We love all the extra details and you can tell the trunk is well made. My granddaughter Lily is going to love it. Thanks! Sheryl

[phone]"This is Carolyn and I wanted to let you know that I received my doll trunk and I am so pleased with it. I thank you so much for getting it done quickly and it was perfect, just the way I want it. So, I just wanted to let you know that and have a Merry Christmas. Thanks so much. Bye bye."

Received trunks. They are fantastic and beautiful. Sure my granddaughters will love them. They arrived in perfect condition. Thanks.

I received your trunk in time for Christmas. The quality of your workmanship is outstanding. Sophia our granddaughter is thrilled with her lavender trunk.
Thank you for your commitment to quality and customer service.

Oh, my Ed! The trunk arrived this afternoon! It is all that I had dreamed of and hoped it would be and then some!
The trunk is fabulous! We plan to give it to our great, great niece(6 yrs. old) on the Friday after Thanksgiving!
When I see the delight in her eyes I may need some Kleenex!
God Bless You and your family! Cynthia

Dear Ed,
Thank you. It was a big hit. I think I made a few sales for you. All the little girls wanted one. We had an amazing party.
Costumes, Pumpkin piñata, pony rides. Bouncy house,etc.
Sincerely, Janet

Ed, Received the wardrobe. It is beautiful, great craftsmanship, beyond myexpectation!
I know that my granddaughter will be thrilled. Thank you so much.

Name and color combinations are correct - thank you for making sure.
I have two of your trunks for my dolls that I bought a few years ago.
These are for the granddaughters - they will be so happy to match Gramma.

I have just received my second American Girl trunk. I thank you so much for the prompt order delivery. The trunks are beautiful and so nicely made. My granddaughter will be receiving her violet trunk with flowers for her 11 birthday to store her Kit doll. Beautiful work. Pam

Dear Mr. Brugel, I wanted to let you know that the doll trunk arrived in good shape and in good time. My great-granddaughter was thrilled with it. My granddaughter was equally very pleased. She said it was beautiful and well made. And the ribbon was in just the right place for her 14" doll. Layla will have many years of enjoyment. Thank you again for a quality product. Ella

Just wanted you to know that the trunk arrived in time for our 6 year old granddaughter, Ruby's, birthday. She was surprised and overwhelmed with, not just the new American Girl dolls but then the trunk and all that was inside. It is perfect and she is delighted with it. Thank you so much….and we'll be needing another one in a few years for her little sister! :) Best wishes, Kathleen

I just received the trunk and quilt! They are beautiful!! Such pretty pinks and nice detail. My granddaughter will be beside herself when she receives them. Thank you so much for the products as well as excellent delivery and packaging. Nancy

[You have a new Voicemail message]
"Yes this is Gladys. I ordered a trunk from you last week and I wanted to tell you that it arrives Saturday and I it's everything that I hoped for. It's wonderful you do great craftsmanship. Thank you very much. Bye."

Ed, The doll trunk for my daughter's birthday arrived on time and was her very favorite thing. Thank you. The quality was superb and well worth the price. We are very pleased.

Good morning Mr Brugel,
I received the doll trunk yesterday. It is just beautiful! You have thought of every detail from the handle turned inside the trunk to the extent you took to wrap it to ensure a safe transit. Thank you again for such great service and a beautiful trunk that I know my daughter will treasure for a very long time.
All my best,

Received the doll trunk yesterday. it is absolutely beautiful, superb workmanship! It is perfect for my granddaughters 5th birthday. I woud highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a beautiful doll trunk! Susan

Hi Ed & Linda, I opened the doll trunk. It's beautiful. Perfect for a little girl. Thanks so much. Excited to give it to my grand baby for her birthday in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for getting to me so quickly. Elizabeth

Hi: I wanted to let you know that we love the pink doll chest I ordered from you. I gave it to my granddaughter yesterday for her 6th birthday and she loved it!
Thank you Brenda

My granddaughter loved her doll trunk! She was thrilled to know it was made especially for her. Ricki

Received the trunk on her birthday! My daughter was very impressed by the quality. Thank you so much. Connie

Thank you so much for the doll chest, they are beautiful. I cannot wait till my girls see them on Christmas day. Happy Holidays!!!! Brooke

Hi Ed - I received the doll case and it is beautiful! Thank you so much. I know my granddaughter will love it. All the best,

I received the doll trunk yesterday as promised. Opened it this morning and it is
Beautiful. I am so pleased with this. It will be a Christmas gift for my granddaughter
and I know she will be as pleased as I am. Thanks for offering such a wonderful product.
It is rare to see such beautiful handiwork, Sue

Dear Mr. Brugel, I had to write and tell you that I just love the blue 2 drawer doll trunk that I bought for my granddaughter for her birthday. It came in record time and Ellie and her mother love it. It is perfect for her 2 dolls and all their clothing and accessories. I showed the trunk to a friend of mine and I think she is planning on ordering 2 for her granddaughters for Christmas, even though one girl is only a few months old. We also have another friend with three granddaughters, so I may be able to get you even more business.
After my visit to the American Girl store I was amazed to discover that they only had one item for storage and it cost over $300. The very next day I got on the Internet and began to research storage options. Your trunk reminded me of what I had as a child (only nicer). I thought it was the best trunk available at a good price and I was not wrong. It will play an important part in teaching my granddaughter how to take care of her things and how to be organized. Again, thank you.
Sincerely, Denise


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